GFED Impact


1. Recruit Scientists who perform Treatments, Training and Research for Eating Disorders.


Currently there are far too few scientists in the Eating Disorder space to bring about the treatment, training and research individuals and families who suffer from eating disorders. 

GFED and GFED grants make it possible to bring those identified as the most talented, promising young scientists who are held in the highest regard by their peers into the eating disorder field to help find a cure.


2. GFED Grants Act as Seed Money Which Leads to Larger Federal Grants.


GFED Grants have laid the foundation for small research projects which have lead to much larger projects funded by organizations such as the National Institute of Health (NIH).

This gives GFED Scholars the opportunity to stimulate the progress ofr the delivery and care of treatments for those suffering with eating disorders.


3. GFED Grant Recipients Produce Leading Research


Forty three (43) research project have listed GFED as the source of their funding



5. New Technology for Eating Disorder Technology


Technology increases the availability and adoption of eating disorder treatments using hand held applications to close the geographical and financial accessibility gap The use of artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled technology simplifies hard processes, thereby increasing consistency of use and efficacy of evidence-based treatments

Technology also enables the capture of more data more quickly than is currently possible via RCTs,

6. GFED’s Scientific Advisory Board—World Experts Who Decide on Scholars and Projects to Be Funded


7. Virtual Technology Advance Treatments to Reach More Individuals


8. Leverage Your Donation to Do the Most Good


GFED invests well with each strategic donation, leveraging your investment, to do the most good to make a real difference.  Comparatively speaking, your donations is a small amount and that investment goes a long way. 

Your donation creates an opportunity to stimulate progress of the delivery and care of treatment for eating disorders. All donations received are used to maximize the greatest impact in the industry.